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Benefits for families

• Convenience - Order scrip from home or office

• Accuracy – families can only order valid products – no wrong denominations or

• Better information – families can see their own purchase history, and the statusof their orders.

How do I get started?

Go to Choose Family Sign Up to go to the registration page. You can create an account with just an email address. However, you must associate your account with an enrolled non-profit organization before you can submit orders.

St. Paul’s code is 27EE93A32914.

Don’t forget your child’s name so that your school account is credited each month!

How do I pay on-line?

Sign up with Presto-Pay—the link is on the shopwithscrip website. This service is very similar to PayPal. Just note that setting up this service will take a few days. It is connected to your checking account, and PrestoPay will deposit two small amounts into your checking account. When you know the amounts, you submit them, and then receive a special code. Take that code to Donna, and she will activate your Presto-Pay account. When this final step is complete, you are ready to start purchasing scrip online! Any other questions? –there is a handy YouTube video
you can watch, also!

Are there any fees?

Each time you complete a transaction with Presto-Pay, you will incur a 15 cent service fee. This is not per each scrip purchased, just for the total transaction. If you’ve ever forgotten your checkbook and had to drive home to get it, you probably just used 15 cents in gas, at least!

There are 2 categories of scrips that very exciting! One is Scripnow! –which allows you to receive the purchased scrip straight in your inbox. You print it off on your home computer instantly, and you don’t need a physical card. The other exciting category is Reload. You purchase a original card from Donna in the office, and then after that, you put that card’s number into the system and you can easily reload it with additional $$. So for those vendors you use frequently (Walmart, Speedway, Lowes), you can just have one card in your wallet, and reload it when necessary! Following are more FAQ’s on each category.

ScripNow!™ is the quickest way to purchase scrip for you or a friend. You can order for yourself or send an eGift in seconds for various retailers. ScripNow! can be delivered and used in minutes simply by using PrestoPay, or pay by check and the items will be released by your coordinator.

Using ScripNow! is simple:

Visit the brand page of the ShopWithScrip ScripNow! retailer and click on the ScripNow! product choice.

Order your ScripNow! and easily pay with PrestoPay, or by check.

Remember, ScripNow! can be delivered within minutes if you pay with PrestoPay.

Q. What retailers are available through ScripNow!?
A. You can look at the current list by clicking on the "!" icon on the ShopWithScrip ordering page.

Q. Will there be additional retailers on ScripNow!?
A. Yes. All GLSC retailers have been notified of this enhancement, and as retailers become compliant with ScripNow! technology, they will be added.

Q. How do I pay for ScripNow!?
A. For optimal speed, PrestoPay is recommended. When you pay with PrestoPay, you’ll receive your eCard in 30 minutes or less. However, you can pay your coordinator by check. This will slightly delay the process since the ScripNow! code will only be delivered after your coordinator indicates she has received your check.

Q. If I don't pay with PrestoPay, how soon can I have the eCards?
A. Your ScripNow! eCard will be available for download within minutes after your coordinator releases your order for processing. This could be further delayed if the organization does not pay electronically (ACH). Check with your coordinator if you have any further questions in this regard.

Q. How long do I have to wait after ordering, before I can use my ScripNow!?
A. PrestoPay ScripNow! orders are fulfilled within minutes. You will be sent a confirmation email (sent to the email account on record). ScripNow! orders paid by personal check are fulfilled minutes after your coordinator notifies us that your check has been received.

Q. Do I have to print up and bring in the paper certificate to the store, or can I just write down the code?
A. This varies by retailer, we recommend that to avoid confusion, you should bring in the printout to the store.

Q. What if there is a malfunction with my printer; is there a limit to the number of times I can print up my certificate?
A. No, there is no limit. You have paid for the code. It doesn’t matter how many times you print it up, but you can only redeem the code for up to that amount (just like a regular gift card). Each time you print it will have the same code. The paper should, however, be treated as cash.

Q. What if I don't use the full amount of the ScripNow! eCard on my purchase?
A. It works in the same way that the plastic cards do. The remaining balance is still on there to use for a future purchase.

Q. How will I know when my ScripNow! is available?
A. You will get an email letting you know that it is available and instructions on how to retrieve it and print it. You can also click on the ScripNow! link on the left side of your 'My Account' page to see a list of previously printed, and ready to print eCards.

Q. What if I never got the confirmation email with the certificate?
A. In the short-term, log into and look at the left side of your 'My Account' page. Click on the ScripNow! link. This will show all your ScripNow! activity in real time. You can view and print from there. In the long-term, verify your email address by visiting 'My Account' and 'Change Profile/Password'. Then you can be sure you will get timely email notification.

Shopping has never been easier for everyone on your list with eGift from ScripNow!, a new program that lets you send electronic gift
cards on-demand.

We will email you when your eCard is ready to be printed from your ShopWithScrip account. When sending an eGift, your
recipient is emailed a secure link to a printable eGift that can be redeemed in the store or online.

With an eGift you can:

Plan your shopping in advance by scheduling an eGift to be delivered on a specific date up to one year in

Take care of last minute shopping and have your favorite gift cards delivered directly through email almost

Add your personal touch by including a message to the recipient, and in some cases even selecting the look of
your gift card.

Save some green by eliminating the time and cost of shipping while also helping to reduce waste with an earth-
friendly eGift.

Q. How do I order an eGift?
A. You can order an eGift from your ShopWithScrip account. Select the ScripNow! option for any retailer it is
available for, enter the amount you would like on the eCard, or the number of eCards you would like to send,
and check the box indicating the order is for a gift. You’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s name and email
address to send the gift to. You will add your name and personalized message you want to appear on the gift,
and select the date you would like the gift delivered on.

Q. Is there a fee?
A. There may be a fee for each eGift you send. If applicable, you’ll see the amount of the fee when you select the
option indicating it is a gift on the ScripNow! order form.

Q. Can I choose how the eCard appears?
A. For some retailers, you can select the image you want to appear on the eCard that is delivered to your recipient.
You’ll see the option on the eGift order screen to choose different images if available.

Q. Can I schedule when my eGift is delivered?
A. You choose the date you want the email with the link to the ScripNow! eCard to arrive, anytime from the date
you place the order, up to a year later. If you pay for your order online using PrestoPay, the gift can be delivered
shortly after you place the order when you select today’s date for delivery. If you are paying your organization
for the order, the scrip coordinator at your organization will need to release that order for processing. In that
case, please check with your coordinator to find out when your order will be released and paid for, that will be
the earliest possible delivery date for your eGift.

Q. Why do I have to enter my phone number when ordering an eGift?
A. A phone number is required in case we need to contact you if we are not able to deliver the eGift to the email
address you entered on the order form.

Q. How do I know if my gift was delivered?
A. You can go to the ScripNow! history page on your ShopWithScrip account at
myaccount/vcert_view.aspx There is a special section for ScripNow! eGifts where you can see the delivery status
of your gifts.

What if I elected to pay my organization for an order containing an eGift, and my coordinator didn’t
release the order by the delivery date?
A. We will deliver the gift shortly after your coordinator releases your order, and pays for it. If the delivery date
has passed and your coordinator has not released it, you can contact your coordinator if you would like them to
cancel it.

Q. Oops, I entered an incorrect email address for the recipient, how do I change it?
A. If you paid the organization for your order, and they have not released it yet, contact your coordinator and ask
them to cancel it so you can submit a new eGift order with the correct email address.

ShopWithScrip offers you the opportunity to “reload” funds onto gift cards you already possess— and still earn a rebate for your organization! To see the retailers participating in this reload service, log on to your account at, and click “Reload.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Reloading Gift Cards

Q. What cards can I reload?

A. A reload icon
appears on each page of the shopping environment. Click on the icon or choose “Reload
Brands” under “Browse by Category”. This list continues to grow, so check back often.

Q. How do I register a card so I can reload it?
A. When placing your order on, choose the reloadable option for your card (i.e. Barnes and Noble reload). A
menu will pop up asking for the card number and name. You can then add to your reloadable card.

Q. My Card is on the “reload brands” list, but I can’t seem to register it. Why?
A. The gift card must have been purchased through Great Lakes Scrip Center (in the past 6 months) in order for it to be reloaded
through us and for you organization to get credit for the purchase. The card must have been purchased after the date specified when
you choose the reload option for that product.

Q. When will the funds be available?
A. Reload orders paid for with PrestoPay will process automatically, and the funds will be added to the card(s) overnight.** Orders
paid for by check will process after the coordinator releases the order for processing and the family will receive an email telling them
when the funds will be available.
** For orders submitted by 3:30 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Q. What information will I need to reload my card?
A. You will need the serial number from the card. Our system will ask you to name the card so that you can load multiple cards from
the same household (i.e. Dad’s Starbucks card, Mom’s Starbucks card, etc.). In the future, you can choose the card by the name you
gave it when you are reloading.

Q. What dollar amount can I reload on the card?
A. You can choose any amount to put on the card, up to a maximum specified when you choose the reload option for the card.

Q. How many times can I reload my gift cards in a week?
A. As many times as you would like, as long as the balance does not go over the maximum allowed.

Q. Can I reload a gift card that I bought at the retailer’s store on
A. No. The first gift card needs to be purchased through Great Lakes Scrip Center. Once you have that one, you can reload it as
much as you like.

Q. If I reload it at the retailer’s store, will my organization still get the credit?
A. No. Your organization will only receive credit for those gift cards that are reloaded through

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